zizou from Djerba

zizou from Djerba

blog perso d'un tunisien qui se cherche ... ma vie, ma tunisie, mes voyages... a tunisian commenting the present...His present

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Global Health on Snapchat
I am wondering if we could use Snapchat as a tool to promote Global Health. So far it seems like an untouched territory but I can see a lot of...

Happy 40th!
10 years ago, I wrote this note for my 30th. Today, I am 40 years old and here I am reading what I wrote when I was 30... So much can happen in 10...

تونس: كارثة الإيقاف التحفظي
الإيقاف التحفظي والايداع بالسجن قبل إصدار الحكم يجب ان يكون الاستثناء وليس...

Rest In Peace Hans Rosling
Meeting Hans Rosling and spending a weekend with him ( Thanks to Houssem Aoudi, we went to pick him up from Annaba and drove to Tunis together -...

الادمان هو مرض مزمن شديد الانتكاس . هذا المرض يغير هيكل و وظائف الدماغ. علاج...

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